CSR Policy

We are a responsible partner to our suppliers and employees. We are committed to creating the best conditions for all our stakeholders by meeting the goals set out in our corporate social responsibility policy.

This policy contains four key pillars that underpin our strategy:

- Monitoring

- Quality control

- Chemical compliance

- Social circumstances


These four pillars form the main framework for implementing our CR policy. They focus on what we see as our most important CR responsibilities:


  • We are a responsible and sustainable company that follows the UN SDGs. We operate with care for Planet, People, and Prosperity, and we place particular emphasis on Partnerships.


  • We demonstrate our commitment to the manufacturers we work with by complying with our CR standards throughout the supply chain.


  • We promote shared responsibility.


  • We and our partners ensure that wages, social benefits, and working conditions are in line with local legislation and as defined by the ILO (International Labour Organisation).


  • We manufacture in accordance with Redmax standards and have a clear focus on continuous improvement.