If you want to make a difference, you need to do things differently. At REDMAX, we like to do things differently. We do things in a more sustainable way. Why? Because we value our planet and the people on it. We create sportswear that’s sustainable, comfortable, and affordable. By nature, you’re already good, of course, but we want to help you be even better.


By being better by nature ourselves, using more natural and sustainable techniques to make your sportswear.

We use the Dope Dye method to add colour to our products. Dope Dye uses 90% less water than the technique used to dye cotton, and 50–60% less water when compared to other traditional dyeing methods. It reduces CO2 emissions by 60% and uses 60% less energy and chemicals.

We promote the circular economy by using recycled and upcycled yarns made from plastic bottles or clothing that might otherwise end up as landfill.

We use waste products like coffee grounds, coconut shells, and bamboo to add functional features to our fabrics. These choices reduce the amount of chemicals we use and support the recycling process.


Our corporate social responsibility is something we take very seriously. We work with dedicated suppliers to develop high-quality products, and together, we’ve implemented a rigorous control system to ensure that the highest chemical and social standards are upheld.

We’re certified according to Oeko-Tex® appendix 6, which guarantees that our fabrics and accessories are manufactured with minimal environmental impact and that our wastewater is clean. This certification is accredited by Hohenstein.

We strive to maintain the best conditions in our factories, in line with the AMFORI guidelines. We do not allow the use of forced or child labour, and we make sure that employees have good working conditions and fair wages. We are committed to our suppliers in China, business partners who share our sense of responsibility towards the earth, people, welfare, and partnerships.