1. Buy new gym wear

Yes, really. Research shows that your brain associates clothes with the things you have done in them. So, if you put on the same outfit as that one time that you intended to start exercising again last year and you never actually did, you are reminded of that failure, not really motivating.

Besides, an outfit in which you feel good, will give you more confidence and will make you go out exercising easier because you can show your new outfit to the world.

2. Sleep in your gym wear

When you are a morning person, just like me, but in wintertime you’re having trouble getting out of your warm bed and get dressed, then this is the perfect tip for you! Don’t put on your pyjama’s at night but put on (a part of) your sports outfit! This way you don’t have to suffer from the cold as you get out of bed in the morning and it prevents you from thinking “nice outfit, but naaah.. I’m not going to sport this morning”.

Mostly, I put on my Redmax jogging pants, together with a comfortable sports bra and a simple T-shirt. During the cold night I just put on an extra soft hoodie or vest. When I wake up in the morning I just have to put on my socks and shoes and I’m ready to go. You already have your clothes on, taking them off is less attractive then going out to exercise!

3.Put on your gym wear right after work

It’s the same kind of principle, but for those who just want to sleep longer in the morning.

You have promised yourself to exercise at least two nights a week. Great! But you really aren’t going to be as excited about this as you were on the moment you made that appointment with yourself. So, you come home from work, throw your bag on the floor and put your coat on the coat rack. Don’t sit down. Don’t make coffee. Don't unpack your groceries. Put. On. Your. Sportswear!

Once that step has been taken, it will only become easier to get in the car or bicycle and go to the gym. A good start is half of the work!

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