Best ways to keep your gym wear nice and clean

Temperature and how-to-wash 

The first important thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature. You probably know that high temperatures might do your dirty gym wear more harm than good. Besides, it is not eco friendly either. Our advice is to wash your clothes at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Higher temperatures does not automatically mean cleaner sportswear. Also, it is better to turn your sportswear inside out before washing. This way the visible side of your clothing is protected against rubbing in the washing machine and will also stay pretty. Especially sportswear with zippers and other accessories should be turned inside out, because they could cause damage to your washing machine or other clothing inside the washing machine.

Say goodbye to bad smells

Have you every dealt with long-lasting smelly sportswear? Even after you washed them several times? A sport shirt made from elastane is comfortable, but can also easily trap odor, even after you washed it. Some odors seem so unpleasant that you want to say goodbye to your clothes. But fortunately, this is not always necessary! You can try out soaking your clothes in a mixture of vinegar and water before washing. The vinegar neutralizes the bacteria and the unpleasant odors disappear. About 15 minutes of soaking will do the trick. After doing your laundry you will notice that all bad smells have disappeared. This way you can get rid of bad smells and start your next workout, feeling fresh and motivated!  

Pay attention to the laundry detergent you use

Always stick to the specified amount of laundry detergent and never use a fabric softener while washing your gym wear! Using more detergent does not automatically mean that your gym wear will become cleaner. The opposite is true. Too much detergent leaves a buildup of soap residue that traps odors in clothes after being washed. It will give bacteria the chance to grow, so your clothes will smell again in no time. If you’re dealing with very bad smells, you can try a sportswear-specific laundry detergent. They offer good indications of the correct dose of detergent you need to use while washing your sportswear.

Fabric softener will leave a soft coating on fabric fiber, which is nice for your warm sweaters and your bedding, but terrible for your sportswear. This coating is not only making your sportswear less absorbent, it also makes it harder for water and detergent to properly clean the fabric while washing. So always avoid any kind of fabric softener for your sportswear.

Last but not least

The last step in washing your sportswear is off course the drying process. Best way is to air-dry your clothes. Gym wear is often made from quick-drying materials, like this polyester elastane functional girls sports tight. We can assure you that, because of these materials, your own sportswear or your kids sportswear will dry in no time, so the next workout can start again really soon!
If you are really running out of time or in case you do not have any space to air-dry your sportswear, you can use the tumble dryer on low-heat. Do not forget to turn your gym wear inside-out, just like you did before washing them. This way your gym wear will stay beautiful for the longer term.

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